What is Weigh and Win?
Weigh and Win is a program that PAYS for achieving a healthy weight!
COACHReceive daily wellness coaching on healthy eating and active living by email or text message. Daily coaching includes meal plans, exercise plans and even a weekly grocery list. Access to a 24/7 health guide, workout podcasts, journal, quizzes and more are available online.
TRACK Stay accountable by completing private, photographed weigh-ins at least once every 90 days. Your visual progress report will be securely stored in your Weigh and Win account. Click here for a list of all Weigh and Win community kiosk locations.
EARN Earn cash rewards every 90 days for weight improvement and maintain a weight loss. *Must begin the program with a BMI > 25 to be eligible for cash rewards. All participants, regardless of weight, can qualify for the monthly HEALTHpoints prize drawings just for participating.
IT WORKS By gradually incorporating healthy eating and active living habits into your lifestyle in a way that works for YOU, you will achieve a healthy, sustainable weight loss.