Weigh and Win FAQ

The Weigh and Win program helps Colorado community members achieve and maintain a healthy weight by providing comprehensive health coaching, visual progress tracking through incentaHEALTH’s patented kiosk, and rewarding members for their success. With daily health coaching available by app, text message, and email (complete with 6 daily meal ideas from a Registered Dietitian, exercise plans from a Personal Trainer, and a weekly grocery list) as well as access to health coaches, our goal is to meet people where they are to provide the best in class resources for your health journey. Additional tools include challenges, workout videos, guided meditations, a journal, health quizzes, and more. Memberscan stay accountable and visually track their progress through photographed weigh-ins completed at private scales, referred to as “kiosks,” located throughout the community, workplaces, or at home with our Smart Scale. Weight improvement enables members to earn quarterly cash rewards (if initial BMI is >= 25) and all members are eligible for monthly prizes just for participating.

Unlock all these premium features for $9.99 a month, or save 34% with an annual payment of $79.99. Create a Weigh and Win Basic account for free to receive a weekly coaching email. Basic members will still have access to weigh-in at community kiosks; however, only one before weigh-in and one after weigh-in will be viewable online.

The Weigh and Win program is open to all Colorado residents ages 18 and over. Only those with a BMI of 25 or greater at the initial weigh-in, and a Premium membership, are eligible to earn the rewards for losing weight per the established incentive scale. Those with a BMI of less than 25 may still participate in the program and can be eligible for HEALTHpoints prizes by accruing points through program participation.

Join: Easy enrollment online. Access these premium features for as low as $6.67 a month.

Coach: Eat healthy and be active with the support of daily coaching and app access. Includes 6 daily meal suggestions from a Registered Dietitian, exercise plans, videos and audio guides from a Trainer, a weekly grocery list, access to coaches and more.

Healthy Selfie Progress Tracking: Track your progress with private, photographed weigh-ins every 90 days at community kiosks or at home with the incentaHEALTH Smart Scale. See yourself transform with your private Healthy Selfie photo gallery. Weigh-in results and live progress tracking will facilitate the quarterly rewards program.

Reward: Opportunity to earn quarterly cash rewards for reaching the specified weight improvement marks (see chart in #9). You can also earn prizes by accruing HEALTHpoints for participating in program activities (i.e., syncing an activity tracker, participating in challenges).

Enrollment is quick and easy. Click the ‘Join Now’ button to get started online. It will take 5 minutes to complete your profile. Visit any Weigh and Win kiosk to complete your baseline weigh-in.

At the end of your online enrollment, you will be prompted to pay to unlock Premium program features. Skip this step to create a Basic membership.

Weigh and Win costs as low as $6.67 a month to unlock Premium program access. Choose between $9.99 billed monthly, or save 34% with an annual $79.99 payment. Your account will automatically be billed every month or year and you can cancel at any time. We also have Weigh and Win Basic, which allows you to enroll and receive a weekly coaching email only. Basic members will still have access to weigh-in at community kiosks; however, only one before weigh-in and one after weigh-in will be viewable online.

Log in to your account and click on your profile picture in the top right corner and select ‘ Manage Profile’ to update your mailing address, email address, update exercise settings, and change email preference.

You can manage and view your membership here. You will need to create a new account (in addition to your Weigh and Win account) to manage your membership online. You can view payments, see your upcoming renewal date, update credit card information, and cancel through the manage membership page. You can also contact a Health Coach for membership management assistance at 303-694-8007 or [email protected]. After canceling your membership, you will automatically be moved to our Basic membership. To close your account completely, follow the instructions below.

For Weigh and Win Basic members, your account can be closed at any time by contacting the Health Coaches at [email protected] or 800-694-0352.. If you are a Premium paying member, follow the cancel membership instructions above. Then contact us to close your account entirely.

All sales are final. You can cancel your membership at any time, but no refunds are available for purchases.

Yes! You can also engage in the program on any mobile device that can access web pages, email, or apps. There is also a text message option to the program that can take the place of the daily email messages. Although the messaging cannot be as detailed due to SMS word limits, the text messages are still thorough and have been proven effective.

Yes! Premium members gain access to the app for free. Download the incentaHEALTH app in the App or Google Play store. Access in-app features like additional workout videos, cardio guides, and guided meditations, as well as all the other program features like meal ideas, healthy selfies, and more.

The incentaHEALTH app is your resource for health coaching at your fingertips. The health tips, exercise plans, meal ideas, meditations and more are available immediately in the app every day. You will receive one email per day, with each day corresponding to a messaging theme (i.e. healthy eating, exercise, motivation, etc.). If daily emails are too much, you can select to receive the "weekly" emails by adjusting your profile settings. If you choose the text message option, you can receive up to three text messages daily, depending on your personal preferences, that correspond to a messaging theme (General, Nutrition, and Exercise). Each text message will be sent at the time specified by the member. You will never be sent an unsolicited email; all of your information will be kept strictly confidential. The only emails you receive will be from the Weigh and Win team.If you are in the Basic program, you will only receive a weekly coaching email.

Your password is case sensitive. Click the reset username or reset password link in the app or to reset online click here. You can also call Weigh and Win at 303-694-8007 (Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm) and we can confirm your password with you this way. For security reasons, we cannot provide your password to you via email.

To view your username: Visit https://weighandwin.com/MyCoach/Index.aspx and click on the link that says “Forgot Username (click here)” located in the “Forgot Password” box. Enter the email address you used to enroll in the program into the box that says “Forgot Username.” This will send you an email with your username. You can also email [email protected] and we can verify your username with you, but we will not include password information. If you are still experiencing issues, you can contact Weigh and Win at 303-694-8007 and we can confirm your login information with you this way.

Congratulations on completing your first year! After completing a year in the Weigh and Win program, your Premium membership will automatically renew unless you cancel it. You will continue to receive the coaching emails and/or text messages unless you choose otherwise. At the start of each new year, your baseline weight will reset and your reward level will be set back to $0. If you weighed in during your fourth quarter of the previous year, this weigh-in will automatically be used as your new baseline weight for the new year. If you did not complete a weigh-in during your fourth quarter of the previous year, you will need to visit a kiosk soon to record a new baseline weight. If your new baseline weight still equates to a BMI of 25 or higher, you will still be eligible to receive cash rewards for the next year. If your new baseline weight equates to a BMI less than 25, congratulations you have reached a healthy weight! We encourage you to continue your participation in the program. The daily coaching with exercise videos, meal ideas, social challenges, and more will help you as you work towards maintaining your new healthy weight. Participation alone can qualify all members for HEALTHpoint prizes; however, with a healthy weight you will not be eligible for the cash rewards.You can manage your Premium membership here, or give the Health Coaches a call at 303-694-8007.

Weigh and Win Basic members accounts will continue to receive weekly coaching emails until you close your account.

Of course! The program also encourages people to maintain a healthy weight, whether the member reaches a healthy weight through the program or has a healthy weight prior to joining the program. All members in the program will be eligible to win great prizes by accruing HEALTHpoints through program participation (i.e. physical activity tracking, participating in challenges, quarterly weigh-ins). Whether you’re looking to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle, our daily meal ideas, exercise plans, and resources can help you achieve your goals.

Your status in the program will not change in any way and you will not miss out on any rewards in future quarters. Your remaining weigh-in deadline dates will remain the same and if you are eligible for a cash reward based on your weight improvement, you will still be able to weigh-in during the following quarters to qualify for rewards. If you don’t weigh-in before a weigh-in deadline, you will simply not be eligible to receive a reward that quarter. Since you have the entire three month quarter to complete a weigh-in, your weigh-in deadlines are not flexible and no extensions will be offered.


Cash rewards are distributed quarterly and will be awarded to members who achieve weight improvement according to the below structure:

% of Weight Improvement and Quarterly Cash Rewards
· 5% = $15
. 10% = $30
. 15% = $45
· 20% = $75
· 25% = $105
· 30% = $150

Rewards are distributed quarterly, based on your individual start date in the program. You can view your weigh-in calendar on your Weigh and Win account. Members who earn cash rewards will receive instructions on how to claim their reward by email, app, or text. You can also access this information on your Weigh and Win account. There is the option to receive a virtual or physical card. If/when rewards are earned in subsequent quarters, a new digital reward will be generated and you will be notified accordingly.

Your reward card link and PIN can be found on your Weigh and Win account and in the notification email. Click the unique reward card link from your email or the ‘Manage Rewards’ button on your Weigh and Win account. You will be prompted to enter your PIN. Click on the link displayed under “Redemption Instructions” to select your reward. This is where you can choose between a digital or physical reward card. A reward must be claimed in 90 days. All rewards expire within 6 months of being generated. A video of this process can be accessed here.

You will be given a reward card number with a CVV and expiration date. You can manually enter this card for any online purchases or print off and bring it to a physical store where they can manually enter your card information.

Your physical card, if selected as preference, should arrive in the mail in 7-14 business days. You will receive a confirmation email from our card vendor once your card has been mailed out.

Call Online Rewards at 1-877-325-8444. A representative is available from 8am-6pm CT.

Click on your unique reward card link from your email, or the ‘Manage Rewards’ button on your Weigh and Win account. You will be prompted to enter your PIN. After entering your PIN, you’ll be sent a verification code to the email you provided when you selected your reward preference. After entering the verification code, you’ll be able to view your card information, card balance, and transactions.

A reward must be claimed in 90 days. All rewards expire after 6 months from issue date.

There is no way to combine your rewards. A new digital reward will be generated every quarter you earn a reward. You can create a Digital Wallet to have all your rewards and balances available in one place.

You can store all your rewards in one place by creating a Digital Wallet. Click on the ‘Secure Payment’ button below your card details. Create a username and password for your Digital Wallet and follow the account creation prompts. Once an account is created, you can add a new reward by clicking the "Secure Payment" button and logging into your Digital Wallet with the username and password you created. A video of this process can be accessed here.

If weight improvement has been achieved and your starting BMI is 25 or greater, a member is eligible to receive a cash reward based on the amount of weight improvement. If weight is kept off, cash awards can be received quarterly up to one year after program enrollment. If some or all of the weight is regained between weigh-ins, the cash reward will be reduced or eliminated in line with the reward structure goals. At the end of 12 months, the member’s baseline weight is recalculated and the incentive structure starts over with the new baseline weight for the program year. If the member’s starting BMI is still greater than or equal to 25, the member may still receive rewards for another year in the program for achieving weight improvement.

We can absolutely restart your daily coaching emails/text messages from the beginning, but we cannot reset your start date or change weigh-in deadlines. Your quarterly weigh-in deadlines are based on when you initially enrolled in the program and cannot be changed. If you would like to restart your emails from day one you can do so by logging into your Weigh and Win account and visiting “Manage Profile” and then select “Program Preferences.” Here you will see your “Program Day Counter” at the bottom. If you set this to “Not Started” and then hit “Continue” your daily emails will begin from day 1 at the start of next week. If you have additional questions on your account, you can email the health coaches at [email protected].


Yes! Panels surround the kiosk to provide privacy for members. All data is kept completely private, secure, and confidential. Personal weight information will not be included in the email.

Yes, all members can weigh-in at any Weigh and Win kiosk within the facility’s hours of operation. Visit www.weighandwin.com and select “Kiosk Locations” for a list of kiosk locations, status, and facility hours.

In order to weigh-in at a kiosk, members must enter the unique username and password combination that was created by the member during the program enrollment. During the weigh-in, a photo is taken to further verify identity and is then sent to the member’s online account.

Technology is unpredictable, so please do not wait until the last day before your quarterly deadline to complete a weigh-in. If it is known to Weigh and Win that a kiosk is out of order and waiting for repair, a “temporarily out of order” message will be uploaded to the website to view under the “Kiosk Locations" tab. If you experience any issues during our office hours (M-F 8:00am-5:00pm) then please call us directly from the kiosk at 303-694-8007. If your closest kiosk location is temporarily out of order, please visit the “Kiosk Locations” tab for a list of your next closest kiosks.

You can weigh-in from the comfort of your home by purchasing the incentaHEALTH Smart Scale. Our wireless scale allows you to track your progress and snap healthy selfies at home.

Yes. All weigh-ins are audited by a Health Coach prior to generating cash rewards to ensure all members have proper weight readings and did not artificially influence their weight to create an inaccurate weight reading as per our User Agreement.


We sync with dozens of activity trackers and devices, including Apple Watch. Follow the ‘sync a device’ instructions to see if your device or app is available to sync.

Log in to your Weigh and Win account. Click on ‘Activity Tracking’ under ‘Coaching Tools.’ Click the ‘Manage Trackers’ button and then click the ‘Sync Device’ button.Browse through the available devices and apps to sync with. Click ‘connect’ and follow the prompts to connect.

Install the incentaHEALTH app from the App Store and log in. Select ‘Manage Devices’ from the side menu. Click ‘Link my Apple Watch.’ Scroll down to the ‘Allow Smart Scale to READ Data’ section. You must allow read access to at least ‘Steps.’ Click allow and pull down to refresh.


“Weekly”: Exactly 7 days (Ex. If you weigh-in at the kiosk on Thursday during one week and Tuesday during the second week, you will only receive points for the first weigh-in.) “Daily”: Exactly 24 hours (Ex. If you open two emails with-in a 24 hour time frame, you will only receive points for opening the first email.)

Log in to your account to view your HEALTHpoints and to find more details on eligible activities. You can view your HEALTHpoints progress on your dashboard after logging in. Click on ‘HEALTHpoints & Prizes’ under ‘Coaching Tools’ to find more details on your points, eligible activities and the monthly prize drawing.


We offer Team Challenges, the Healthy Holidays Challenge and custom challenges with our Challenge-A-Friend feature.

The Healthy Holidays Challenge focuses on managing your weight over the holiday season. Join the challenge and weigh-in the week before Thanksgiving and the week after New Year’s Day. All members who maintain their weight within one pound will be entered into a prize drawing. See the Healthy Holidays Challenge page for more information.

Challenge-a-Friend allows members to create their own custom challenges. Select the challenge type (Weight loss %, Weight Loss lbs, HEALTHpoints total, Steps Daily Average, Steps Total), the challenge time frame, and the prize type. Invite friends, family and coworkers to join the challenge. You set the rules and prizes.

Team Challenges are offered twice a year. Create a team of 4 members and compete against other members for most average team weight loss (%) or most average team HEALTHpoints. The top teams win prizes. See the Team Challenge page for more information.